How do you recognize a fake Canada Goose Jacket

Fake Canada Goose jacket
The fake Canada Goose can be recognized by three clear differences, in this post we explain what those differences are. It is important to the differences between the real and the fake Canada Goose jackets to recognize so you don’t buy fake. Also, we have the differences 1 on 1 show in our blog. As you can clearly see jacket an imitation/replica is and what really is.

Firstly – the canada goose jacket toronto Logo
Color difference in the logo is striking if you know what to look out for, so the stitching different colors. As shown below. Sometimes it is so that the “maple leaves” are stitched, or the wrong letters (“Canada or Arctic”) misspeld.

Secondly – The fur canada goose jackets toronto cheap collar
The authentic Canada Goose fur collars eyes thick and luxurious. They are functional in protecting the freezing cold in the face. The faux fur collars often look lean and mean, in addition it can fur quickly get confused and sometimes even dirty. The fur of a Coyote is much softer than, for example, a counterfeit alternative of a raccoon. You can also look on a bad seam connection on the collar.

Thirdly – the Hologram
Every coat of canada goose jackets toronto where to buy has since the 2011 collection a hologram. This as evidence of authenticity. The hologram contains exclusive images that are designed specifically for Canada Goose. These can therefore also be viewed from different sides.

We also have a list of reliable Couture fashion webshops for canada goose jacketwhere you also have a Canada Goose sale at this time. We also compare other official notice with the counterfeit versions.

How do you recognize a fake Canada Goose Jacket

Canada Goose Victoria Fur-Hood Parka Jacket

Canada Goose Victoria Fur-Hood Parka Jacket Details

Arctic-Tech fabric with DWR shields you from sudden snow flurries
625-fill white duck down keeps your body where you need it without making you look bulky
Nylon plain-weave liner is treated with a WR coating so it won’t get soggy from the inside out if you work up a little sweat
Slim shape is streamlined and sleek
Mid-thigh cut keeps your thighs and your backside toasty
Adjustable hood with a removable coyote fur ruff blocks freezing wind and keeps your face and head warm
Bracing wire inside the hood keeps your head protection in place during gusting winds
Internal adjustable waist draw cord pulls in your silhouette and helps seal out the cold


Wear the Canada Goose Women’sVictoria Down Jacket if you ever find yourself at a January fashion shows in Montreal or Stockholm, because you will need an insanely warm jacket to fend of the chill. But, you’ll also need something insanely stylish to fend off judgmental glances from the fashion-savvy crowds. This parka combines superior cold-stopping materials with elegant design so don’t have to worry about the cold or about sartorial insufficiency.

If you can afford the Women Victoria Parka Canada Goose Black , buy it. By the way, I know many, many people in Winnipeg who have had Canada Goose parkas that have lasted them decades. I had my last one for 34 years, and handed it down to my son. When I bought that one, the company was called “Snow Goose”, and their parkas were essentially the same as Canada Goose’s.

Believe me, in Winnipeg, you can see tons and tons of people still wearing their old Snow a Goose parkas. canada goose hybridge lite jacket women My old one is still in excellent condition, as just as warm as ever. No rips or tears or stains anywhere. Bought a brand new Expedition recently which will surely be the last parka I ever have to buy.